The Best Service Ever ! We were overwhelmed by the pin site care and how much of the supplies we were using daily and the cost, not to mention just locating the sponges for my Ilizarov frame. We were panicking because we were running out of supplies. We contacted C&SMedical Supplies, they took care of everything, and at no cost to us! They took great care of us! Thank you C&S Medical.

Cynthia Fuller   3/29/11 (patient of Dr. Pedro Cosculluela)

Thanks so much for helping us. Great customer service. When I got home and saw the fixator supplies setting in our kitchen. I almost fainted. I have never experienced a company that went out of their way to help us like your company has and I thank you .within 4 hrs of a phone call we had our supplies . I just didn’t know what we were going to do. When we left the hospital with about 3 or 4 days worth and no clue of where to buy or get our supplies and the extent of the surgery, I was ready to go to any length even making a trip to the outpatient center at Methodist or even call our old wound care Doctor that is a friend of the family to see if he could help us out .. Thank You CS Medical Supply I just can’t Thank You enough. I’m still like Wowwwwww You don’t find to many company’s like yours !!!!!!!! She was at a point of getting scared and myself as well. It was one of those what are we going to do things …when we couldn’t find help you all did…

Best Regards : Mark Fuller , Cynthia Fuller’s husband Thank You so much !


I could not be more pleased with C&S Medical Supply.  They have been delivering my medical supplies for months and their services are always prompt and dependable.  The supplies are of the highest quality.  They are a company that cares about the welfare of their clients, and I heartily recommend them.

Jaime Bruce  (patient of Dr. Mark Brinker)


Our experience with C&S Medical could not have been better.  Ordering was easy and deliveries were always timely and they worked around our schedules.  The staff did everything possible to make sure the entire process worked to our advantage.  Could not have been happier with their professionalism, friendly staff, deliveries and quality of all the medical supplies.  Highly recommended.

Doug and Carol Ann Burgess   (patient of Dr. Mark Brinker)


Blake at C&S Medical Supply has always been very helpful and my order is processed very quickly and always accurately.  With all the stress and worries, using this external fixator, my supplies order being processed in an excellent way is one less thing to worry about.  Thank You!

Judy Chalk (patient of Dr. Mark Brinker)


Working with C&S Medical was a huge relief.  Compared to all other medical aspects of my injury they completely outshine other medical suppliers in terms of customer service, quality, efficenticy and downright logic.  They went above and beyond for me, working with my insurance on  a special contract to have the insurance company cover my sponges.

Natalie Zelt (patient of Dr. Mark Brinker)


Very prompt shipping.  Blake has been very good to me and has never let me down.

Sharon Reeder (patient of Dr. Mark Brinker)


Thank You so much for your quick response, they are so much easier to use than a roll of gauze.

Dewey Foust (patient of Dr. Harold Frisch)

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