We provide sterile external fixator sponges (Ilizarov sponges) at no cost to patients for their external fixator frames.  Our sponges will fit any size pin-wire or half-pin from any manufacturer. Including frames from Smith & Nephew, Wright Medical, Orthofix, SBI and more.

What we do

Our company provides sterile External Fixator (Ilizarov) sponges to customers after they are discharged from the hospital with their external fixator frame, taylor spatial frame, or Ilizarov frame(s).

How we do it

We help physicians to provide a practical, cost efficient and nearly effortless process for their patients to receive sterile external fixator (Ilizarov) sponges in their home.

For patients

In most cases, we can provide the external fixator (Ilizarov) sponges at absolutely no out of pocket cost.

For physicians

We handle all insurance filing and paperwork with minimal administrative work for your busy office.